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Plenty of people will get a great deal of motivation from hearing you say how you not only lost weight with Nutrisystem but also worked with yourself to keep it off. its so important to get a good dose of high self esteem and a positive frame of mind going to make sure you get what you set out to get.I cannot wait to come back to this blog a month from now and share my success.In any event, was curious whether you could choose your own menu from the plans and I see that you can.This means it can actually work out very inexpensive on balance.I bought some extra thin sliced bread, toasted it and put it on that.

While I was waiting for my shipment, I was able to try her leftovers.Try adding the juice of a lemon or lime to a bottle of water and keep it in the fridge.I was also hungry a lot of the time on weight watchers, which also made it difficult.Now I am interested in trying it for real as you seem to have attracted a lot of successful dieters who wrote comments here, so there must be plenty right about it.I found my weight heading in the wrong direction mainly through those days of inactivity and the tendency to eat more when the pain got bad.The best advice I can give on that score is to go with fresh, healthy foods and keep portion sizes sensible.That works into my husbands schedule, he is away for 10 days and home for 4 and I want to surprize him with some weight loss when he is away.If I would have known this company was not very reputable I would have cancelled my credit card before they would have had the chance to cheat me out of more money.

It really depends on each individual to do their part for themselves.They can do this because they are also one of the largest and the food is prepared and packaged at their own company premises.

As far as I know, Aloe Vera gel is perfectly safe to ingest in small quantities and will not affect weight loss in any way.I was given a few meals and snacks to try from someone who bought the plan then did not stick to it, but had lost while being good.Muscle weighs more than fat which is why you get that slight weight gain.

Comments are queued for moderation to prevent spam so they will not appear right away.I get a few hundred or so people visit this page every day and its my way of giving something back by allowing everyone who wants to, to have their say.Its important to get your order right from the outset and make sure that NS are very clear about what you can and cannot eat.During the diet I did go out to eat and have a glass of wine periodically.I agree it certainly helps to be able to read what real people are going through, feeling, doing to achieve their aims in losing weight.If you had, you would have known what to expect and not signed up for a diet that is clearly not suited to your tastes.Fingers crossed peeps. thanks for all the advice both negative and positive.

Hey Rochelle, Aloe Vera is an amazing healing plant that I personally use whenever I cut myself or suffer a burn or any other kind of superficial wound to the skin.Packaged diet meals may just work for me since I have no time to cook.Sorry to be negative, but again, I am really nervous about the money being spent.I never expected the food to be gourmet but I am pleasantly surprised at how good it is.I also use it as an internal health booster, swallowing a small amount of the gel cut straight from the leaf of plants I have growing in my garden.In just 3 weeks, I have lost the 9 pounds gained over the holidays and would probably have lost more, had I not indulged a glass or two of wine per week and binged on a few of the desserts or snacks ahead of time.I never had to make up stories for the kids as to why I was eating different stuff to them.I lost 14 pounds over the month and dropped two dress sizes, but it was probably nearer three as I used to really squeeze into some clothes before I started the diet.

Leaving it and then complaining to potential new customers is not the right way to go about it.Thanks for your honest review of Nutrisystem and its pluses and minuses.Their support people are very helpful and will fall over themselves to help if they believe they have sent anyone a bad meal.This is because its a scientifically proved fact that exercise improves metabolism and when combined with a healthy diet really does cause sustainable weight loss.

It sounds harsh but when you think it through, the company is there to make a profit.I have tons of energy, and tons of motivation to do more walking and drink more water (both of which are great contributors to the success).As you get smaller, the rate of weight lost will slow down, which is the way it should naturally be.Oh yeah, and I look your advice on drinking water and you know, that really helped.

Hi BB, it seems you have some pretty in-depth questions there.I am getting married in June of this year and would like to start out my new life with my husband finally healthy.I had to actually set the alarm on my watch to remind me of my next meal because I never felt hungry.You know this post and its motivational as well as educational qualities made me think of a quote.Jonas, the small meals are a real stumbling block for many people when they are not expecting it.I was hesitant, but to be honest I did not have much success on WW with only losing at most 20 lbs.There is something about being able to read other peoples successes and stories that make it that much easier.

A better way is to first write down a list of questions you want to ask and stay calm.I deliberately put less food on my fork and only had small bites, chewing them over real slow and concentrating on the taste and texture of the food.Its really a case of feeling confident about leaving the safety net of prepared meals behind when you finish the diet.Well, I finished a four week course of Nutrisystem meals just two weeks ago and I was really happy with the diet.The desserts were definitely the best aspect of the diet although I was surprised at how good some tasted and could still be part of a diet.I must be a rare case, as I have been on Nutrisystem for over a year now.Raw cabbage is delicious when shredded and dressed with cider vinegar and a little freshly grated black pepper (hint: the vinegar is a diet aid too).